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  • From Film To Clean Fuel

    March 6, 2015 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

    The incredible Academy Award nominated documentary The Square ( captured a moment in time that would change the world forever. The film itself is immersive and unforgettable. I have had the pleasure of knowing one of the film’s executive producers for some time and recently we sat down to discuss his latest venture.

    It’s rubbish. Literally.

    During the course of my career I’ve filmed in some pretty weird and intense places – including some of the largest waste dumps in the US. Waste is a huge issue. An issue that for the most part remains hidden from the general public and if we don’t face it head on there will be serious consequences. Ibrahim AlHusseini understands that transforming this waste into clean, valuable fuel will change how we handle waste forever. And so he founded FullCycle Energy Fund – an organisation that finances and owns projects dedicated to converting waste into valuable fuel that can be used to power communities around the world.


    Ibrahim AlHusseini is a Venture Capitalist & Philanthropist financing companies creating positive social & environmental change. He is the founder FullCycle Energy Fund.

    Ibrahim’s intention was to create socially and environmentally responsible ventures that would have impact on a global scale and with FullCycle he is now raising the billions needed to power communities around the world in a healthy, responsible way. I’ve seen with my own eyes the monstrous mountains of waste and pollution we discard everyday – out of sight, out of mind. The millions of tons of plastic floating in our oceans. It’s not a sight you forget. We need more people using profit for a purpose and facing issues like these. Check out the work Ibrahim is doing through FullCycle. Visit or follow him or Google + and Crunchbase 

    Film can be a powerful tool for change. We need more people like Ibrahim.


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